We're in Japan

It has been a few months and we are pretty much settled in. Japan. I never thought I would be living in Japan. Ever. But I absolutely love it here. Misawa is more of a farm country area rather than metropolitan area. I love how relaxing and calming it is here. I am going to do a photo dump here. 

This is the first photo I took with my new iPhone. There are pretty much just smart phones here on base. Plus it is nice to have gps. This was in the housing office. Abby was excited about playing.

This is the park by our house. 

Here they have gorgeous glass floats. We went looking for some but didn't find any.

Oh and I have this cute 7 seater now. Most cars here are very compact. It has an automatic door and the mirrors close (by a push of a button mind you) so if you have to squeeze into a small parking spot.

Me and my big girl. Can't believe how big she is getting.

Before church. She picked out her own Christmas dress. She looks perfect in red!
This is our ward building where we go to church.
Our crates of stuff when it came about a month after we got here.

They have great fresh food markets here. Great prices too!
That was Chinese cabbage that we made cabbage rolls with.
Trevor made the chili sauce.

This big boy turned one in October. As well as a haircut. 

Cutting his hair went pretty well thankfully! 
 John does this totally adorable shoulder shrug and laughs. It totally melts my heart. 
New farm we picked up at the base thrift shop. I love how John and Abby are playing together. 

Also I am in washi tape heaven. Great price here! These were 150¥ which is about $1.30. (Exchange rate is in favor of the dollar right now) 

Abby as been drawing too. This is her "A" person. She has been drawing The letter a everywhere. Including on my leg. Half of the time she is sneaky and I don't notice she even wrote on me. 
She has been having rough nights lately. Trevor soothed her by saying a prayer. The night before she had been have a night terror and nothing I did soothed and and right after we began saying a prayer, she calmed right down and went to sleep. The power of pray is real y'all. 

Along with Abby not sleeping well, John has been sick. 3 weeks ago he had a double ear infection. 

It went away. Thennnn he got another one this Saturday. Along with 6 shots today. And a finger prick for hemoglobin stuff. 

Not the most flattering picture of me, but I am trying to be better at being visible in the kiddos lives and photos. This was right after we woke up. Abby gets herself dressed in the morning and this morning she chose 2 bows and a headband.

Oh and John is totally a daddy's boy. And loves to hug and snuggle him. I know Trevor is enjoying it because Abby was so attached to me. 

I will try and do better at posting updates, but I have been busy with my life coach certification course. Love you all!