I wrote a post via my phone the other day trying to post photos that I had been stashing on my phone. As some of you may know, we are in Misawa, Japan for a military assignment. 

I never thought I would find myself in Japan, much less love it here but I do. I love cute things and I am pretty sure everything here is cute. The cars are so cute and look almost comical compared to the ones back in the states. It is a little read Toyota that seats 7 and has a little warning label that is a crab to make sure you don't pinch your finger in the door when you are closing it. Also the construction barricades have little moles with a hard hat on digging with a shovel. 

The 100 yen store here is amazing. It is like a million times better than Dollar Tree. 100 yen is about a $1.20 USD which is quite favoriable for us. I need to go get some Yen out while the exchange rate is $1.20 to 100 yen. Now let me tell you about the ATM experience. These ATMs talk to you like the self check out at Walmart except in a british voice. When it asks you to put it it says, "Please enter your secret number." The first time I heard that, both Trevor and I started laughing. It was totally unexpected. 

Another thing I didn't expect was having such nice weather for so long. Misawa is the snowyest base in the Air Force and we only started getting snow last week. Trevor had to go to work early today and didn't have time to shovel the snow. Luckliy, I had bought some snow pants at the Burton Black Friday Sale here on base. They fly over here and give us really good deals on them. Mine are light pink and when I tested them out this morning, they worked well. I am one who likes to look at snow, but doesn't like to be in the snow. I am trying to change my mentality about that because I don't want to be stuck inside until March/Aprilish. But if we are stuck inside, we have these large glass sliding doors that let in a lot of light. I do get the winter blues because I am such a sun loving girl, but we will make do. I know Trevor is more than stoked for the snow. He and abby when out to go play in the snow when it was barely an inch high. Abby loves her daddy so much. Her excitement when he came down the stairs and as