Water in the Desert with Sea Shells

We are so blessed to have some beautiful lakes around us here in San Angelo. Compared to farmland Enid; this is paradise. Now don't get me wrong, farmland is beautiful, but sometimes you just need to hear the water lap on the shore or the wind blow across the sun kissed lake. Last Saturday we got out of the house and went to "The Beach" as Abigail has affectionately name it. 

With swimsuits on and our large sun umbrella in tow, we staked our claim on this little piece of happiness here on earth. Trevor played with Johnathan, who was so excited by the sights and sounds, while Abigail and I explored the sand below.

Abigail's toes could not stand the chill of the water but only for a few seconds.

 Little treasures were lining the water beneath our feet. 

Abigail would get so excited when she found a new shell to add to her collection. "We're following the trail of sea shells, Daddy!!" She yelled across the beach with shells filling her little sandy hands. 

After moving her collection to her pink pale, she braved the water again. Running in and out, each time getting a little more adventurous and going in further. I spun her around and splashed in the water.

Her sweet giggles filled the air as she repeatedly splashed me. With the sky covered with a gold sunset, soon to go below the horizon, it was time to go home.

 Naturally she was upset and wanted to stay at the beach. I reassured her that we would come back and have more fun than we did today.

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