Last night we got our next assignment...

So last night was drop night. That is were the class gets together and everyone gets their next assignment base. I was nervous, stressing, scared. Any negative emotion someone could have all at once that was me. We have been in San Angelo, Texas for intelligence training for my husband; which he is really enjoying! So it was Trevor's turn to get his assignment...... 

And we got... MISAWA Air Base JAPAN!
私たちは日本に行く That says we are going to Japan! 

Needless to say, Trevor is really excited about it! I am not sure how I feel about it. Stressed of course. I have a lot of purging to do before we move and apparently the cost of living there is extremely high so I need to sell stuff to make some money so we can do some fun things while we are stationed there. We don't know when we will be leaving but, my guess is that it will be soon after he graduates from his class in July. Although he might have a state side TDY (temporary duty assignment) for 5 weeks before we leave. Who knows. We will get more information next week. I'll keep you updated. 

But this morning I had a fun photoshoot with a Senior! I enjoy photographing Seniors!
I found this beautiful little weed that I had to take a macro of! 

This is the awesome Senior!

Happy Saturday. I need to go clean.