Pay Day Challenge: White Walls

Erin and Megan of an up and coming blog 
White Walls is doing a monthly challenge for pay days. This months challenge was 1 yard of burlap!

This month I made a burlap wreath!

I plan on making a different accent for the different holidays so I don't have to have 12 wreaths! You can join along with me and creating your interchangeable wreath. (more on that coming later) Since we don't get into our house until Saturday, I am planning on starting with St. Patrick's day! 

I used 2 rolls of  burlap from Hobby Lobby (on sale for $2.99) and a 20" Wire Wreath (40% off coupon makes it $2.40) 

I plan on making a bow of some sort using some cute ribbon. 
Maybe glittering a Shamrock or two!  I will let you know!

More to come about the Monthly Burlap Wreath Challenge! 

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