We found a place to rent!

I know it had been a while, and I apologize . actually I don't. My feeling of "having" to write the blog for you, the reader partially keeps me from posting more. I worry that it is not good enough, or that you will not enjoy the content but that really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. No offence intended, but I need to write for me, if you happen to read it great. :)

I am so excited and so tired right now. We moved to San Angelo where my husband will be doing Intellegence training for the Air Force at Goodfellow AFB.  We found somewhere to rent, off base of course because the wait list is so long. I am so excited about our cozy little home with a fenced in backyard and a fireplace!!!! We don't move in until the 1st of February so that means 20 more days in Temporary housing. I've learned quite a bit being here. Kids don't need much. Abigail has been doing fine with only a few toys. Kids don't really need all the toys we give them. so this means that we are going to purge and give all the excess toys to children that really will enjoy them more than Abby does.

I have a few plans in mind for the kids room.

I just can't wait to get in there!