So many thing s

I am a woman who has interests in a lot of things. Decorating, crafting, photography, vintage things, yoga, sewing, nature, baking, learning, graphic design, jewelry making, wood working, gardening, card making.

But one I do not like is stress. Stress reeks havoc on my body and my spirit. So often times I avoid obligation. But I am learning that without obligation, even to myself, nothing gets done.  No progression. No creativity. So today I made plans. Post office, library, then commissary. Might not seem a lot to you, but lugging two kids around and in and out of a bug, which mind you has a small back seat, takes a lot of effort. While we were at the library I snapped a couple photos of Abigail. John was sleeping in his car seat. In the library there is a kids room which is really nice so I don't have to freak out if Abigail gets a little louder. We're still working on teaching her to be quite in the library.  Also at this library they have free coloring sheets so we normally we read a few books then color. Abigail enjoys being out of tlf. (Only 3 more weeks here)