Making 2014 Your Best Year Yet- Goal Setting

Wow!  The new year is approaching fast and what a great opportunities we have before us.

Now let's talk about something that some people love ... and some people hate.

New Years Resolutions.

We know we all make them at the beginning of each year, but then they fade a month or two. Some of us even give up on making resolutions year after year because we know they are going to fail. But may I suggest we start something new? Let's change the name from something that only lasts during the New Year to something more committal; something that will last all year long.

This Year's Resolutions.

Sometimes it still surprises me how much impact one word can make. This brings us into the present, helps ground us to the present.

I know keeping the energy going all year long is going to be a rough thing. I find that sometimes I lose my umpf after a few days on some goals I have made. But there is one thing that can keep us going.

Remembering WHY we made these goals.

Now before you go goal setting I want you to try something new this year. Make the goals for YOU. Not what you think your goals should be because that's what everyone is doing. Make them personal. Very personal. This is the time to put yourself first, reconnect with your true self and rekindle that energy to create a more fulfilling life. I will talk about the importance of putting yourself first and not feeling guilty in the following weeks. Keep in mind that if you do not truly want something, it will not come to fruition.

Below is a printable worksheet for you to list your goals and why you are setting them. One of the first rules of goal setting is write it down and writing why you want to accomplish those goals will be fuel to light your fire on days when you are feeling low on goal energy.

Set goals that are achievable.

 Don't strive for perfection - Strive for happiness.

Keep that in mind when you are making your goals. What does your happiness look like? Take a few quiet minutes to yourself to think about what your goals are and what you are going to do to achieve your happiness this year. Write those things down, whether it is on the worksheet, or in your personal journal. Nothing is too small or too stupid or too embarrassing to write down. This is for you. Make it honest to your your heart's true desires!

 I still need to take that quiet moment to think about I need to do to find my happiness but some of my goals are to learn to love myself more fully, get my health in order, and allow myself to be more carefree and stress less.

Feel free to comment below on what some of your goals are. You can even leave it as an anonymous commenter. Let me tell you, making  your wants public is quite liberating! :)

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