Our visit to Labor and Delivery

Yesterday I was having pretty consistant contractions with back pain coming on so we went into L&D to check and make sure I wasn't going crazy. By that point my contractions were about 12 minutes apart so I am only in the early stages of labor. Which means I will be uncomfy for a few days. But who knows when this little kid will be coming. I think that a kidney stone I had a few weeks ago triggered having contractions because last time I only had contractions a few days before she was born and those werent uncomfortable; just my tummy tightening. I can say that I hate the waiting game!

My goal for this delivery is to take photos from my perspective as the one giving birth. Here are some I captured yesterday

This one is one that trevor took for me. :)

I hope the nurses don't think I am crazy because there is a lot that I want to take photos of since family isn't going to be here to experience the story. 

I'm 37 weeks and 6 days so we are close! 

Stay happy and healthy,