Oh baby, baby!

So many things are gong on in our life right now I can't help but feel like we are spinning in circles. With baby #2 due in less than a month and Trevor's reclass paperwork in (he has to get a new job since he got medically disqualified from pilot training but not the Air Force) and the possibility of moving soon things are going to change really fast!

When Trevor started his dream sheet of jobs, they told him to go off the list of jobs available from the previous board. Trevor got to thinking that he wanted to do Intelligence and liked that all those who put that at the top of the list, got that job. So we had started getting into the mind set of going down to Goodfellow AFB down in Texas. But when the list came out for jobs they had available for the October board they had 7 or so options for jobs and only one of which was on Trevor's original dream sheet. Intelligence was not one of them. This was 24 hours before the paperwork was due. Needless to say he, and others reclassing this board, were not happy with the choices. But of course, after they submit their list and all the accompanied paperwork, they come out with an additional new list of available jobs some of which Trevor wanted originally, like Intelligence.  When Trevor had submitted his list he left intelligence at the top even though it wasn't on the list. Many others reclassing did the same in hopes that they would get the job they wanted. Before the new list with a bigger variety of jobs came out we started to think that maybe Trevor would get Space but now.... we have NO clue what job we will get nor where Heavenly Father will send us!

On another note, at my doctors appointment yesterday I measured at a 2 and baby is way down there. I'm 35weeks and 5 days right now and have been having some uncomfy contractions compared to my first pregnancy. The doctor believes that last weeks mammoth of a kidney stone that sent me to the ER probably put me into pre-term labor. Needless to say I am taking it easy and loving the hot pad Trevor picked up for me. That thing has saved my life; with kidney stone pain and contractions, It will be coming with me to the hospital. Baby John is doing great and wiggling like nobody's business and gets hiccups all the time. Now if he would stop pushing on this one section of my rib cage making it sore, that would be great.

I've also been getting ready for the Holiday Marketplace where I will be doing a booth selling my handmade clay earrings. The marketplace is on Nov. 9 so hopefully baby will be here by then so I don't have to worry about going into labor. My dear hubby told me he will do the booth if I'm not available. Luckily I have made my money back by selling earrings on Facebook and my Etsy store so if something happens and we can't do it, not that big of a deal. I will just have a million pairs of earrings for gifts this Christmas!

Abigail is doing great. She loves to hug  my tummy and kiss baby Johnathan. I do wonder though if she realizes that he is a real baby, not just a big tummy we call Johnathan. She also has been loving baking with me. We've made some gluten free carrot cupcakes and tons of gluten free pumpkin cookies. Abby wanted cookies for breakfast yesterday. That and tortilla chips. :) silly girl. Unfortunately we have gotten to the, "I'm too busy playing to go to the bathroom so by the time I get to the bathroom I really have to go and have an accident" stage along with the, "let's unroll the whole roll of toilet paper because its fun" stage. Last night it was a new roll. Trevor nor I was happy about that. So I am going to have to figure out something to keep it from rolling so easy.

Other than that, Trevor moved the computer into the office which makes the family room really quiet when the AC isn't on. Its really nice actually. Lately I have been needed calm silence. Trevor pointed out that I used to listen to music a lot more but not so much lately. Guess my preferences have changed.

I'm currently snuggling with a sleeping Abigail this morning and my tummy is telling me to eat something. Unfortunately cereal has been making me sick so I will have to figure something out. Too bad we're out of pumpkin cookies!