Let's Talk Garages.

So lately I have been working on organizing our garage. We had moved stuff up to the attic, but with the impending move who knows when (could be right before baby, or right after) I decided to pull the stuff down since movers won't go up there. I also decided that it would be a good time to inventory all the tools we have; tools are the most stolen thing when using a moving company. When we moved to Enid, we bought  a miter saw that has been bouncing around the garage. Its been on the floor, on some totes, in the back storage. I have been wanting to make a workbench but I am not sure how I would explain it to Security Forces why I was driving around with wood sticking out of my sun roof of my VW bug. (I really need a truck..... Its a need you see, not a want..... Okay its a want. But we are trying to be good financially and wait until we pay off student loans before we get into additional debt and/or save up money to buy one. but if someone wants to give us a truck, that's fine by me. ) But back to the workbench. I got one of these workbenches from Home Depot coming in the mail on Friday.
(I used my $50 off gift card that I got to do the giveaway we had on the blog at the beginning of July. The nearest Home Depot is 1.5 hours away and I didn't want to drive down there, and spend $30+ in gas just to use the gift card. So I ordered this online and it is going to be delivered to our house. It probably wouldn't have fit in our cars anyway even if I wanted it to.) So long story short, we paid about $50 for this. It's normally $99 and I am cheap but hey I got $50 off it. Thats the only reason why I got it. I have this fear of gift cards losing their value, so I went ahead and spent it. (Side note, did you know that some gift cards charge a fee to the card after so long. I had saved up some blockbuster gift cards from my great grandma to buy a movie but the balance was gone on the cards because of this fee, and I couldn't get the movie... this is where my fear comes from.) But back to the bench. I keep telling Trevor that I am going to paint it mint green or something - I just got a gallon of mis-tint mint. It is awesome! But I don't think he would like that. But I thought about bringing out a tall dresser we have in a closet that is just holding junk and painting it mint to use for organization. 

As far as organizing goes, we've only done this. 

When I went online to look for inspiration, I am finding a lot of permanent solutions, which are not an option in base housing, i.e. Cabinets, railing systems.Those also can be pretty spendy too.

If I could, I would totally paint the garage But that isn't an option either. So I have decided to just do accent pieces in these colors.

What do you think? I think our garages need a pop of color too. and it doesn't hurt that I have a gallon of mistint mint green! 

So I started writing this post a while ago so here is the update of what is currently going on. 

So far we were able to get this workbench for $50. It was a little spendy but necessary for our miter saw to get off the floor. It is from Home Depot and they have shipping on orders over $45 which is fantastic because the box would not have fit in either of our cars.

Did a fun project with these carpet tiles from the Dollar Store to add a little mint color to the garage that I will be sharing in another post!  
(Ps... I know I have said this before but the vinyl tablecloths from walmart make AWESOME drop cloths! I got a whole bunch on clearance for $0.25!)

 I've cleared out the space and rearranged stuff.

and have a large pile of stuff to take to the thrift store. (keep in mind this photo was taken like 3 months ago and the stuff still hasn't made it to the thrift store....) 

And here is Abby and I going to the dollar store to get another mat for our carpet project. Sometimes she is camera shy! 

I have been trying to cut down on all the stuff we have and organize it. I am not the best at organizing though but its something I can work on! 

Hope you stay happy and healthy!

With love,