Halloween Spooky Town Inspired by The 36th Avenue!

Desiree from The 36th Avenue is a genius! She has created a spooky village using dollar store Christmas village buildings! So naturally I had to make one like her! 

These are the 3 buildings Abigail helped me pick out. The original painting job isn't the best. : / hence why i have passed them up in years past. 

Painting them is genius! I used the $1 matte spray paint from Lowe's.  A tip is to put them up on small cups so that you can spray the bottoms. Also don't forget your clearance table cloth turned drop cloth to protect your work surface. 
I haven't decided if I want to glitter them or not. ( I really need to go to glitter-ers anonymous.... not glittering these would be a big step for me!) 

The black fabric is a table runner from Dollar Tree last year. I don't know if they have them this year or not. 
Also If you are interested in seeing more of the glittery witch sign behind the building visit my post here! Its a free printable too! 

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