Fun Halloween Treat Poem & Printable

When my husband and I were first married I wrote this little poem to drop of treats to our University Village neighbors. I couldn't find a poem I liked so I wrote this one. I just ask that if you make a printable with it that you link back to my site and send me a photo so I can share it on this post!

Halloween Treats by Emily Hone

What’s that you hear? Is that a witch?
Screaming in her perfect pitch?

 The spiders are out! The ghosts are here!
Trick-or-Treating is coming near!

A little surprise was left here by a bat!
Right there on your very own welcome mat!

 Its droppings are sweet to the taste!
So don't let this go to waste!

You may think creepy! You may think it’s kooky!
But it’s nothing but mysterious and spooky!

Don’t be afraid! There’s nothing to fear!
It’s Halloween and the treats are here!

This surprise is good and it’s yummy!
I hope you enjoy it as it fills your tummy!

I ended up making muddy buddies as the bat poop! I got this idea from the whole marshmallows are snowman poop :)

Here is the original printable I made for this poem. Feel free to print it off, I would suggest 4 to a page, and share it with your friends and neighbors!

REMEMBER this is an ORIGINAL poem so your neighbors and friends won't have gotten it in years past!  

Come back soon for another printable and photos of what I have done with this poem! 

With love,

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