Dollar Store Carpet Runner!

Photos are mostly courtesy of my 2 year old daughter with a point and shoot camera. 

I have had these carpet tiles for about a year now just on the floor in the garage. I thought it would be fun to spice them up a bit.  I got these carpet tiles from Dollar Tree near the paint, tools, electronics section on the bottom shelf.

First I decided on a herringbone pattern and taped it out with washi tape.... I couldn't find my painters tape... 

Then began painting. I noticed that these required quite a bit of paint. 

and patience... it takes a while to paint them. I found it works well to kind of pounce the brush to get good coverage of the carpet fibers. 

I taped and painted.... and painted. It took the whole after noon. I started with my mint color then did the other stripes in leftover grey I had from my entryway stripes

The blue was from me previously painting this for a laundry room mat. I ended up going and getting another mat from the Dollar Tree because the blue under the paint made it look different from the other 5 tiles I had.

This is while we were waiting for it to dry. I love the help my little photographer gave me.

Now we have a carpet runner. You could tape the back of them to hold them close but I haven't. I've had these done for a few months so they have held up nicely! 

These were super easy to do, but they took quite a bit of time. I am glad I have a little helper who loves doing projects with me! 

I went to the dollar store yesterday and they only had 18x18 square tiles. I got one to make a Halloween mat out of it with my little girl. 

Let me know if you have made a fun runner with dollar store carpet tiles!

Stay happy and healthy!
With love,

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