DIY Boxwood Wreath

I have been eyeballing Miss Mustard Seed's boxwood wreath, but I can't afford $40 for a wreath.


So I made my own from a $3 wreath from Walmart (Our dollar store didn't have any wreaths.)

I love the fresh green it brings into our house. 

If you don't have a boxwood plant, any greenery would do! (Think of christmas time and cutting some from an evergreen!)

You might need a few smaller sprigs to fill in the gaps, but the bigger ones are better and make your wreath more fuller. 

you then are going to go around the wreath and lay springs one on top of the other. If you see gaps, just fill in with smaller pieces.

Once you have done that and filled in all the little gaps, you are done!

Now I don't imagine this wreath will last during the move but we will have to see!

Hope you stay happy and healthy!
With love,

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