Choosing a Home Decor Style that Fits YOU and Your Family.

If you are anything like me and struggle with choosing what decor style you want to have in your home here is a few tips that will help you narrow down your style

1. Stop worry about what your house "should" look. Its your home. If you love specific design fad and it goes out of "style" but you still LOVE it then thats all that matters. Like chevrons or plaid.

2. Ask yourself, "Do I see myself living in a space like this?" when looking at bazillion photos on pinterest of beautiful rooms. It is okay to think the room is gorgeous but not decorate like that style. For example;

I love how this is spacious and clean and organized this space is, but when I envision myself walking through this room as if it was my home, I feel like it is too structured for me. Not enough chaos or color. I feel like I would have to keep it clean and not let the kids play in there; which is not what I want. My kiddo's are my world and lets face it... I'm a kid too just in a grown up's body. 

or this one 

I love the airy feeling and could see myself here with a few tweeks. Like the door leaning against the wall. That would be a hazard to little ones. Its hard to not look at Dreamy Whites Blog and not want to decorate my whole house in farm house style that but when in reality I only like some aspects of it.

3. Make some pinterest boards of styles you could see yourself living in. 

Be brutal and honest with yourself. What YOU like not just what is the current fad. Make your OWN comment on the pins as to why you are drawn to that space. You could do a board for your whole house or just a room. I am currently working on this BOARD on my Pinterest. Make your boards and then leave them for a few days (or weeks) then come back to them to see if you still like the look and overall feeling of the collection you have created and also analyze it and see what commonalities you like i.e. color, wood, lighting, furniture for a few examples.

By doing this you can start to carve out your own style. 

Are there any tips that you have for finding your home decor style?

Hope you stay healthy and happy!