Makeup Drawer Organization.

My makeup drawer was a mess. With little hands the like to experiment, something needed to be done. I keep my Pro makeup kit under lock and key so no little fingers get into that and contaminate it, but this drawer is free for her to use - under my supervision. (last time she got into my makeup... it was everywhere.)

I had thought about going out and getting some little drawer baskets, but I am cheap and the drawer to my Antique vanity is an odd size. Plus I already had the foam board.

I am not going to post a tutorial on this because there are several on the internet already. I decided that I wasn't going to make it perfect and all cutesy because I figured the movers are probably going to destroy it anyway.

Click on the photos below to head on over to some tutorials on how to make your own drawer organization! I think I might make one for my computer desk next!

I hope you stay Happy and Healthy!

With love,