What's new with us?

Trevor is working on his Reclassing paperwork. He has officially been medically disqualified from pilot training which means he has to apply for a new job. He will be applying for the October board which means we could get news back late November on what job he gets and where in the world we would be going.

I have been working on making Baby Johnathan (due early november) and I have been working on Kidney stones. Some days I am not a happy mama on top of that I am pinching nerves in my lower back. But hey Baby is doing good. His heart rate yesterday was 144. My blood pressure was 106/43 which is low but it is pretty normal for me during pregnancy. He really is a strong kicker. Sometimes it moves my whole torso.

Abigail has been her cute little self even though last week she got a tummy flu. Currently she is playing in cardboard box right now. Her imagination is growing. She likes to hide from dragons and tells them to go into their cave. She also LOVES dancing! She will say, "Watch me, Mommy!!" In addition to dancing she has been singing. Sometimes it's the ABC's sometimes it's about who knows what, but she is happy.
She still really loves "cake cakes." Thank goodness for GF bisquick mix. I add 1/4 cup of sugar to the recipe to make them a little sweeter since we munch on them throughout the day without syrup. She also tried orange juice and seemed to like it.

When she was sick last week she took a lot of naps on the couch, so now that is her go to comfy napping place. I don't blame her. Sometimes taking a nap on the couch is the best!

And guess what? She is potty trained! YEAAAAA! She gets her own potty chair and everything although she needs help sometimes putting her undies back on.

We've also been working on doing a little pre-school for her. I will post more on that later! I hope you all have a good evening!