Baby Progress and how I have been feeling

So I haven't posted much about being pregnant for a couple of reasons. I don't want to be a negative nelly and this pregnancy has been a pretty rough one compared to when I was pregnant with Abigail

1st trimester-
I got carsick. I mean really carsick. I would be fine driving (most of the time) but riding as a passenger was pretty bad. and I would get migraines.
I also couldn't have dairy. Which is hard for a cereal eater like I am.

2nd Trimester-
Had/have kidney stones. I was working on passing stones while on a road trip to Utah.
Funky lower back separating. Pinching nerves in my lower back but I got a belly support band.
At least I was craving milk like crazy and it didn't make me sick.

3rd Trimester-
Still moving kidney stones that get irritated if I move or walk too much. Which means no standing up for too long, walking around the store for too long, or vacuuming. I took my glucose test and my levels were high so I had to go back this morning and do the 3 hour one, but I got sick after an hour and a half so the doctor is going to call me tomorrow. Milk makes me sick again and food sounds gross, sleeping is a joke, charley horses kill when they wake you up in the middle of the night, and heartburn is of the devil. Oh, and I get really warm and can't cool down. AND baby John kicks me in places that really hurt.

Sorry for the little rant. I'm tired and still nauseous from the glucose test this morning, but hey, at least I am 30 weeks along so not much more of this. (puts on a fake smile)