Antique Vanity My Husband Helped Me Get

I have always LOVED vanities! I love how feminie they are and really funtional when you have pretty much NO counter space in the one bathroom you have in your house.

I had been looking at Antique stores in town and on our Craig's List but everything was too expensive or not the type I wanted.

Then I found this beauty. The only problem was it was 2 hours away. You know what my hubby did? He encouraged me to find a truck we could borrow so we could go get it.

After a Saturday drive and a visit to Tinker AFB down in OKC, we brought home the vanity and this full length mirror.

I had every plan to paint the vanity, but decided against it because the wood is so beautiful. The full length mirror I plan on painting since I am not the biggest fan of blond colored wood but I am not sure what color.

Now I just need to find a little vanity stool to go with it. Guess I will be hitting more estate sales!