4th of July and Organizing the Garage for a Move.

We have just been hanging around lately, Playing with puzzles and baby dolls. At least we have some news that my husband will be reclassing to another job in the Air Force. (He has been medically disqualified from pilot training.)

We've also been enjoying the nice evening weather we have been having in the evening. While Trevor(daddy) was helping with the fireworks show at the park with the HAM radio club Abby and I played outside waiting for it to get dark.

Abby knew I was taking photos so she was showing off her dancing skills. She is a happy little girl! I am so lucky to be her mom! 

We got to see the fireworks in our driveway, which is a good thing since Abby was entertained for like 2 minutes then wanted to go inside and finish watching Tinkerbell. I don't blame her though; she looked really tired!

We've also been working on organizing the garage... since we will be moving in around 6 months and I will be HUGE pregnant come time to get ready to move. Unfortunately, all of my organizing projects get worse before they get better.  

 I'll keep you posted on the garage progress!