So... My husband is a HAM

Not like the food ham, but the radio ham. He has had his technical license since he was a teenager but hasn't done much but help with a couple parades when we lived back in Utah. Recently he has had a resurgence of excitement about it. The next level up is a General License (don't ask me what each level means... when he starts talking, I start to get confused!) So Trevor got a book from the library and studied a lot for a few weeks and took his test last week and passed. I am quite proud of him! He has been in a little bit of a rut since this whole medical hold thing that started last November. It's nice to see him excited when he comes home from weekly meetings and radio check in on Monday nights. Tomorrow the Enid Amature Radio Club is holding a Field Day so naturally we had to put his call sign on his car - that's popular among amature radio people.

After help and guidance from my sister, I cut this vinyl design out on my Silhouette. I'm guilty of not using my Silhouette to make it worth the money, so I am working on using it more. To be honest, it kind of scares me. It's intimidating in my opinion, but I am learning how to use it now. This is the result.

 Needless to say; Trevor thinks it's AWESOME! (And so do I!)

Anyone else out there a HAM?