My plans and some photos

Okay so... Apparently I stink at blogging. or rather I stink at trying to decide what I want to blog about. There are several projects that I've done but have taken the "finishing" photos because I feel like my house "isn't" good enough. Trevor and I have only been married for 4 years and this house we have is our first place (not really our place since we live on base. I am DYING to get in a house where I can paint all 4 walls of a room - on base you're only allowed to paint one.) I guess I just don't know what our style is. I see all of these beautiful homes on blogs and begin to sway to decorate like them, but thats not truly my style is it?
While I was doodling/journal writing last night I discovered that I do a lot of comparison between myself and others, which isn't healthy. Others who have had time to "find" themselves and learn who they are. I need to do my own thing. I do feel liberated when I come up with projects and complete them. But I think I stifle my inspiration and creativity when all I do is view others work rather than working myself. I am not saying that pinterest or blog hopping is bad, but when it prevents you from your own personal meditation and creation then its an issue. I am going to try to do more of things for myself, not what I think y'all would like. I stopped blogging for a while when I felt like I was spending money on projects you would like instead of things I would enjoy. If you don't know. I am cheap. Like I really have a hard time spending money. Esp. on myself. But Sometimes I splurge and buy clearance fabric from walmart for $1 a yard. The sad thing is that I bought this fabric a year ago with the intention of making Abigail some skirts. I made like one and the fabric has been sitting on my self since then. I just made the top of the quilt from sewing strips of 4in x 10in rectangles then sewing them together. Abby tried to help of course.

Like when she "helped" me with my makeup when she disappeared for a minute, locked the bedroom door and applied a fully bottle of foundation all over her, a towel, the bed and the carpet. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time she has ventured into my Makeup Artist Kit (I am taking a course right now on makeup artistry). Last time is eye dark eye primer - that stuff was a nightmare to get off. It took a whole bottle of makeup remover to get it off her and the carpet. 

She likes makeup if you couldn't tell. She even used my brushes and gunked them all up. Good thing I deep clean them regularly.

But back to what I was talking about. I like to create without constraints of worrying what others think. So that is what I am going to try and do - be myself. Novel idea huh?

Just a quick update on what I have been doing lately.... P h o t o   T i m e

I am still madly in love with my engagement ring. Its a bummer I can't wear it because my fingers are too small now. Odd. I know.

This one is done by my assistant Photographer Abigail
We bought some flowers to plant in our front yard. Abigail started pulling the flowers off, so we put them in her hair.

I had to do a natural makeup look - Abby was my model. :)

Abby and I were working on a tray for daddy's stuff.

I am off to go doodle! Thanks for stopping by!