Ham Radio Field Day

Last Saturday was Field Day for the Amateur Radio Club here in Enid and around the country. Field day is a competition to see how many people they can contact. If you would like to read more, head over to my Husbands Blog to read more about his experience. 

 Abby and I went and visited Trevor while he was out there. Abby sure does love him! 

 A lot!

While we were there Abby had lots of fun playing in the dirt and running around like crazy. I she got away from me a couple times! 

It also was the super moon night. I just snapped a photo before we went to bed. I wasn't going to get up at 6:30 am knowing Enid probably would have clouds!

My husband wants to get me into HAM radio... I don't know if I am interested or not. We'll have to see!