Free Color Flash Card Printable

So lately I have been wanting to focus more on helping Abby learn the colors. So I went to pinterest, but didn't find any free fun flash cards, So I figured I would make some of our own.

I love my gouache paint that I got from Hobby Lobby. Its opaque like acrylic but can we be worked with like water color. You should try it out! 
  Of course when I started painted, Abigail wanted to paint too. I love how she helps me and is learning how to do things on her own. 
 She also discovered painting with her fingers. Normally she doesn't like paint on her fingers and tries to wipe it off immediately, but I showed her she could move the paint around on the paper... I think she is hooked. 
There are a few options with the color printables. You could just print them off on card stock and call it good, but I decided I wanted to put them on larger paper coordinating with the color. I found a paper stack in my stash, but you could easily use paint chips. 
Right click and open this in a new tab and then click on the larger image and save. It fits on an 8.5" x 11" paper
I changed mine up a little bit and ended up laminating them because I want to keep mine for a while since we will be studying a color each week.  ... and I love laminating things....(I have a at home laminator thanks to my mother in law a few Christmas' ago.) 

Do any of you have some fun ideas on teaching a toddlers colors? I would like to hear your suggestions! 

(ps... Sorry the font looks a little whacky. I have a tired little girl, so I am not going to redo them. Guess I will have to fix it on my next project I post.)