EEK! I won a Giveaway from Niloulu!

I am sooo excited! I won a giveaway from the AMAZING Niloulu! Nina and Christine are sooo talented! This is their handmade Clear Drop Bead Statement Necklace on Adjustable 18-22" Brass Chain and I LOVE it!

I am not the only one who loves it. When I opened up the package she said, "Wow!! What's that?!" She realized it was a necklace and had to have me put it on her. When I took it off her she said in a crying voice, "NoooOOoo! I need it!" (Just for the record, she sat on the box herself to pose for a photo. I love her! )

You should check out the Niloulu Etsy Store! They have soooo many cute necklaces and earrings! 

You can also find them on Facebook at

And guess what? They have free shipping in June with the coupon code JUNEFREESHIP so don't wait to order your very own piece of handmade Niloulu jewelry!  

Thanks Niloulu for the gorgeous necklace! 

**This is not a sponsored post... I just really like their jewelry!**