DIY Initial Canvas

If you don't know, we have a little one coming in November so that means pulling the crib from storage and making a fun kids room for Baby Boy and Abigail. I have put myself on a strict budget of $50 on new things. So I am trying to create a new room for them with supplies I have around the house. Like these canvas' I had bought a couple months ago. 

For this project you can use a silhouette but I just used the old fashion method and cut the paper out by hand 
 Trace around the letter with a pencil. I decided I wanted to do the negative of the letter but you could just paint the letter if you wanted a white canvas.
 Abigail picked the colors for the canvas' she really LOVE painting. 

 It's okay if it's not perfect. I like the homemade feel :)
 After you W A I T for them to dry, you can erase any pencil marks that are showing. 
 Then TA DA you have custom Initial Canvas'. Look at you go! and they  are only about $1.25 per canvas. Can't beat that! 
I hope you have a great Saturday! 

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