Fancy that Friday: Calligraphy

Ok... so I really LOVE hand written Calligraphy!
Vintage calligraphy set I bought.

Way back when I was a die hard fan of Harry Potter, my mother bought be a gorgeous black quill. Along with the quill she purchased a "learn calligraphy kit" that I kind of got into, but as a tween, I had a short attention span. I have kept the kit and have it on my bookshelf. It reminds me of the fun times my mother and I had enjoying Harry Potter together. Ever since then I have been in love with calligraphy but haven't practiced much until lately. 

 I love Melissa Esplin's Work.
 She even has an online workshop called "I Still Love Calligraphy" which I am saving up for! I am so bummed that I found her AFTER we move away from Utah. Maybe I can coordinate sometime with a trip back home and go to one of her live workshops! I will be honest. I miss home but I am trying to keep myself busy. Oklahoma isn't so bad. 

I love Lindsay Letters too!

She sells T H E most gorgeous stamps! 
and even sells custom stationary!  I love her creative photography of her work! Go check them out.

 Another calligraphist crush is Molly Suber Thorpe over at Plurabelle. 
and  I just loooove this backdrop for a wedding!
She sells Stamps too!
I love reading over Molly Suber Thorpe' Blog

Also Angelique Ink.


Sheesh! There is soooo much inspiration out there!
I have been working on finding my own style. 
Here as some of my Instagram photos.

I think its not bad for just starting to learn how to work with the quill. I used a nib that I bought at an antique shop last week. I shot some photos of the beautiful calligraphy tools. 

I really need to blog about how to turn your 50 mm lens into macro lens! It is so much fun! Well I am off to study the letter b!
(I am trying to find different styles and practice each letter and studying from the pros!)