Dolls for West, Texas Drive

 The small town of West, Texas experienced something that will change their life forever. A fertilizer plant exploded  and "Homes have been destroyed," Waco Police Sgt. William Patrick Swanton said. "There are homes flattened. Part of that community is gone."  I so wanted to do something to help ease the devastation and thought about the children who must be afraid. Some of these families lost everything and I thought if we make dolls to send down there that maybe we can give back some comfort that was lost by making them homemade dolls. 

The "Black Apple Doll" pattern and tutorials can be found here. There are printable instructions that can be found here, here, and here (3 parts). The pattern is located here. There are even video tutorials

I googled Black Apple Dolls and found lots of ideas for boy and girl dolls. 

If you are interested in donating a homemade doll please send me an email at and I will give you the address to send it to so then I can get them down to West, Texas.

Please share this image to help get the word out about "Dolls for West, TX"

My goal is to get at least 50 dolls by MAY 17, 2013 to send down to West. These dolls are easy to make and you can make a difference in a child's life as well! Please share to get the word out!

If you instagram, feel free to add the hashtag #dollsforwesttexas so we can see your work!