Customize Your Blogger Background

Changing you blog background can change the feel of your blog completely! Why not make it 
 {C U S T O M }

I use Adobe Photoshop to create my backgrounds.

First create your document. 
Width is 20 inches and height is 10 inches. You don't need terribly high resolution so 100 px/in will do just fine. 

Once you have decided what design you want your background (remember this is a great place to carry your brand identity.) You will need to create a white rectangle since some blogger templates have a translucent background behind your posts. You will need to find out what the width of your blog is. 
Go to Template on the left side of your Dashboard. Click Customize.

Click Adjust widths on the Blogger Template Design. Look at the entire length of your blog. Keep note of  the width. 

You will need to figure out how many inches your pixels are. I found THIS website to convert the width.

1000px ends up being 10. 42 inches so I am going to make my white rectangle 11 inchs by 10 inches

 You could use whatever you want to for the background. I wanted to keep mine simple but you could find some free digital scrapbooking elements if your are looking for more!

You will want to go to file, save for web & device

Now to upload your new background! Go to your template designer. Click Background, click on Background image, Upload image, then Choose File

and Teeee Laaa You're done! If you like it, Please share it!