Adding jQuery Fade Affect to Blogger Images

Take your mouse and scroll over this image. Go ahead. Do it. 

Add jQuery Fade Effect To Blogger Images

WHOA!!! Did you see that?! Totally cool right?!

Having your photos fade in and out when the mouse scroll over is another way to add some pah-zahzz to your blog. I found the HTML over at this blog. I know that some of my readers are more of a visual person like me so I am going to do a step by step with photos so that you too can have a cool fade in and out effect. 

First open your HTML by going to Template, then Edit HTML

Add jQuery Fade Effect To Blogger Images

Now we need to find this tag in our HTML


Using CTRL-F is the best way to find it.

Add jQuery Fade Effect To Blogger Images

Once you have found </head>, its time to add in our new code.

Copy the code below and Paste it ABOVE </head>

Then Click SAVE! and You are done! Check out the cool Fade effect on all your images now!

Next weeks post will be on how to modify this so that you can select individual images to fade.