Abby is 2! Oh my goodness!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Abigail! I can't believe you are 2 years old! 

 I love how you have such a cute camera smile when you say, "Cheese!"

 I love your cute little faces and gestures you make. 

I love how you are my little helper bee. (We were making her cake.) 

I love how you love to laugh and be outside. 

I love how you are not afraid to try new things. 

Even if they're scary. 

and it makes your head spin.

I love how long your beautiful hair is.

I love your giggle of excitement as you go down the slide. 

and want to again.

And love it even more every time. 

I love how independent you are, but are not afraid to ask for help. 

I love that you are 2, my dear.

And Cocc-Cocc is your favorite food. (Chocolate.)

Two years old will be so fun to learn and grow with you.

But don't forget, the older you get you will always be my sweet little baby girl.

Happy Birthday Abby! And thank you to all who sent her birthday wishes! She loved picking toys out at the store! She got some ponies, bubbles, Belle doll and a cute little pink shopping cart. 

Abby would like to type something now:

fzcczccczzck9uiijkokjkmk m m           iilloove youbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbcxz

( I pointed out the letters for I love you :) )