Snow and ice!

On Monday we had a blizzard here in drought ridden Oklahoma. The snow and the chill are still holding on. School was canceled and so was the electricity for about 90% of Enid. Thankfully, we were not part of that percentage. I have to say I am grateful that we have a little bit of a food storage.we just need to fill up our blue water jugs so next time their is a problem with the water we can have some! Since we are gluten free I think, "oh man food storage will be so hard getting everything gf." But I am learning this is not true. All food storage is and should be what you eat normally. For us this means rice, beans, chicken broth, food items that will keep in our pantry. Another fear of food storage is cost. But i have discovered that Every time we go to the grocery store I try and pick up something to add to our food storage only adds a few dollars to the total. Slowly but surely, our food storage is coming together. But with the recent storm, it has pointed out how important it really is! I hope you start your food storage by picking a pack of water and some cans of food! Happy Thursday!