Emitting my own frequency!

I have been thinking to myself, "Why do I want to blog?"

Well mostly to share my talents with all of you and so that I can remember things too.

I think I haven't blogged much because I was worried about what everyone else would think of my projects. To be honest I should be blogging for me and about what I like. There is no need to copy the latest trends, or be afraid to follow my own trends. So hopefully I will be more forward in my blogging and love of making my house my home. I find myself happier when I surround myself with things I love. But this process is also about finding what those things are. One of my friends posted this quote on their FB wall. I totally agree with it!

So here goes to emitting my own frequency! and trying to hold on to the positive and let go of the negative.

Like the fact that my hard drive crashed a few weeks ago and I didn't have my pictures backed up. :(

But hey, My computer didn't blow up! So that's a positive!

I hope you truly have a wonderful evening!