DIY Jewelry Holder

Last week Abby and I made a jewelry holder since all my jewelry has been stuffed in a bag since we moved 8 months ago. 

We started out with this old frame that I had bought 3 years ago and hadn't done anything with it. It was even in the garbage can here, but I pulled it out because the "just in case I might need it" syndrome kicked in. good thing it did! 

I had some gold metallic paint from my Antique Sewing table I have been working on. I'm glad I used this metallic gold because it looks A W E S O M E with the jewelry.

A little light sanding....

We got to work. Ms. Abigail was a really big helper. She did an e x c e l l e n t job! 

Sometimes when I need two hands to do something, I put my paint brush in my mouth. Naturally, Abby had to do it too. 

 After a couple coats of paint, I hot glued some jute twine for the earrings to hang on. It's worked like a charm! 

And here it is in the perfect location between the hubs closet and mine. 
tee laa! Your done!