Christmas... a little late

Sorry I am a little bit late on adding photos from Christmas! We even got a little bit of snow here in Oklahoma. Abby really wanted to play outside but the wind chill was Freeeeeeezzzzing! 
 She loves running around in the backyard!
 Mr. Trevor Grilled out Turkey for Christmas! It was soooo yummmmmy!
 Abby really loves farm animals and the sounds so she had to get one of these See and Says! 
 She got some stickers too! She helped me decorate some cards for grandparents!

 She wanted to back outside but it was too cold!!
Santa brought her some Horses! which she loves!

She had make a corral over and over. then she wanted to play inside it! :) 

I love how she loves to play and be creative! We had a wonderful little Christmas! I hope you'rs was great too!