I cannot compare my begining to someones middle

I have been in a goof for the past little while I find my self blog hopping and comparing myself to all of the wonderful successful bloggers out there. I bog myself down with negative thoughts which get me no where. With my 22 twenty twos I am hoping to get out of this state of negativity. I totally forgot to post on the 22nd about my 22s but I have been working on my list! I've been drinking water, wearing out my pencil in my Sketchbook, I've done some yoga once (I know, I'm far away from my 22 goal but it's a start!), I've even made a little scrapbook for Abby. :) I know it will take time to get everything on my 22s list done but I am going to stay on the positive side of things! What do you do to keep a good attitude and have a positive outlook?