I am sick of being S I C K!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. it has been crazy at our house. My poor hubby got in his dollar ride (first ride in an airplane) before a whorl of many days home from being sick, going to see a GI doc and getting an Upper GI done.

Trev and baby bee before the scope
Abby wanted to be like daddy so she got in the other bed in the room.
and took a nap waiting for daddy to get back
Daddy after. 
I was in the ER for an evening because I couldn't keep anything (and I mean anything even a sip of water) down which resulted in being re-hydrated with a couple bags of saline in my IV along with getting a heavy duty Phenergan shot. (OUCH!)
yeah.... not a big fan of needles!
a few of these are my friends! 

All the mean while the hubby is having tons of tummy troubles. You think that's enough? yeah then Abby sicks her gluten-cookie crumb covered hand in my mouth. I could taste the sugar and i knew I was in trouble. This was the first time I KNEW i was going to get Glutenized! Lets just say within 4 hours the gluten had caused me to clear out my system of everything. and that was from only a few crumbs. I don't want to imagine what would happen if I ate pizza or cinnamon rolls! Then little miss Abigail accidently head butted me right in the nose. it made a nice crunching sound. I was 99% it was broken. Then later that week Abby started throwing everything and on anything for a few days with some calm in the storm in between getting sick. so to the ER we went... its Strep. Yuck.

Little one cuddled up on a towel, sleeping. poor thing.
she took quite a few long naps those few days!
Playing outside even though she wasn't feeling too good. 

My nose was still sore so I tried to make an appointment with my doc but the sent me to the ER to have my nose X-rayed. Its not broken but the Doc says I need to schedule an appointment with an Ear Nose Throat Doctor because I probably tore my cartilage and that is why my nose looks crooked. (Yeah I am trying not to cry about my slightly crooked nose... not like I wasn't self conscious anyway....)

So that has been our past month. while all the craziness was going on I did my first craft fair! So look for a post about that coming soon! 

So let's just say. I'm sick of being SICK!!!

Thanks for being patient though! I've got a few projects I need to post! So see you soon!