So I have been sick lately, but let's not give excuses. They only hurt ourselves. I have just been lazy. I am the type of person who doesn't care for stress. especially if it is optional, like a blog. I worry about having cool posts or coming up with the biggest best next thing. Decorating and organizing has been a big issue too for me. I will be honest. I hate doing the dishes, but I am trying to have a better attitude towards them. I think my biggest problem right now is to over come my crazy hormones. We are in the process of weening abby off breast feeding which means my body is trying to find its new norm, which means crazy emily for a while. So to calm my nerves I am going to try and clean and organize our house so it will not be stressful any longer. so what do I go to.... Pinterest!

We have a dark cherry colored furniture (dresser, nightstand, jewelrybox, random end of the bed thing....) So I was thinking something like this. thoughts?