For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart sign!

Back in Utah, we got tons of fence panels off of KSL. What I saw was FREE signs! 

So with a saw and a staple gun a sign was born! I wanted a darker sign so we stained it. 

We cut the text from vinyl on my silhouette. Since the wood was rough I painted the edges of the text with mod podge to seal them. 

A special thanks to my dad for helping with this project! 

I just used white craft paint to color the text.

and now I have a cute sign above my piano that we got for free off of KSL. 

I had some old sheet music that I made some fun bunting from. 

 I have a couple of vintage hymn books and my old tuba mouth piece. 

Of course a piano is a great place to show off one of my vintage cameras too! 

And a book page wreath which is to cover our u g l y internet router. 

Well, its not ugly. Just not my style. :) 

But here is another look at my piano area :) What are your thoughts?  (I know... the cords are an eye sore. I will have to do something with those  eventually.)

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