Flying and Family

   So for those of you that don't know a little while ago I was washed back a class because I was sick and missed a two days. Some of you may be thinking that two days doesn't seem like much but during academics it is basically impossible to make up.
   During pilot training we are only able to be "at work" for 12 hours or we bust our duty day, also we can only do 6 hours of testable material in a day. Most days are packed to the limits with little time to make up anything, and any free time is usually spent studying. So can you imagine missing two days like this? CRAZY!!
   When you wash back a class they are about 3 weeks behind you in the curriculum so you have some extra time to study. Because of the "extra" time to study a few people said that they were a little jealous and could use some more time to study. I don't blame them but after having been through it I would rather have never been sick, as far as studying is concerned. It is really hard to know what to study and not to be board. There is so much material and I am not going to be sitting down in-front of a computer and testing on it again so it's hard to know what to study. Plus, a large portion of the material remaining is simulators and hands on material that I don't know what I need to study for. So I have tried to read the -1 (a.k.a "dash 1"), which is like the owners manual for the plane and flying procedures for this area and the military in general.

   Reading the -1 dash one is almost like reading a math text book... dry. So a large portion of the time I took the opportunity to spend some time with my family. I have struggled with myself about this because I don't want to get behind or leave a bad impression, but it has been a big blessing. The struggle now is finding a balance as my new class is catching up. After today they will be right where I left off. So for the last little bit I have tried to organize some of the house and help clean a little to show my wife I love her. It's hard to find time to do things like this when I have to start studying to keep up instead of just get ahead and you have to study a lot on the weekend.
   Hopefully my sporadic posts don't negatively impact Emily's blog following :), but it sure is hard to know what people would want to hear. I am sure most of you probably don't care how to fly a landing pattern or what instruments you should look at to fly correctly, unless you like to fly. I hope all of you are having fun and keep following Emily.

Until next time,