DIY inspiration board

Hello! Happy Wednesday! 

Recently I moved our big computer out of the office into the family room. It was hard  having it in the same room Trevor was studying. So Into the family room it went. I decided to make it my little office area. Every creative person needs an Inspiration board! So here is mine! 

I had this frame from Abby's bedroom back in Utah but I decided I didn't want to put it back up in her room. I got tired of it hanging around the house so I decided to transform it. I still had the original image and the cardboard backing that came with it from the thrift store. With the cardboard  in tow I pulled out some random batting that I had stuffed underneath the couch to get it out of the way, and some fabric my grandmother had given me. 

So for this project you will need...
hot glue gun
and a frame (optional) 

So lay everything out. you will need to cut a square of batting from each corner from the batting so you don't get a huge wad of it at each corner. 

Simply hot glue the batting down. then the fabric down! 

Then I used some technical equipment to secure my board into the frame. (aka tape) 

and TA DA!!! You have an Inspiration board! 

I've been working on my illustrations lately. I LOOOOVE banners! Dont you?!

And My jotters so they're easy to find! You can learn how to make them HERE

And I love Vintage stuff. I am an old soul... :) 

My lovely stamped Clothes pins. 

I'm now off to find free subscriptions to magazines so I can add ideas to my inspiration board! 

Don't forget to put this on your very own inspiration board!