DIY Jotter Notebook!

Lately I have been sketching and drawing more. I have found it to be very therapeutic. So why not doodle in a cute little Jotter?! I am one of those people that has like 5 notebooks at once so these are a cheap solution for me! (Don't mind my printer ink running out.... This is like the 6th jotter I printed. )

Supplies: Cover--I prefer a thicker cover so I made mine out of cardstock paper I printed on, but you could use a cereal box covered in cute paper for an even more sturdy jotter. 
Inner paper-- Printer paper, scrapbook paper, whatever paper you have hangin' around your house.
Thread-- I happen to have some cross stitching thread which worked great. you could do it with with regular thread too! 
Needle-- Pick one that will fit the thread you are using. 
Scissors or paper cutter
Poker thingie-bopper-- something you can make pilot holes for your needle and thread to go through. 

First. Trim your paper. 
You can make these as big as you want, or as little as you want. I prefer the inside paper to be a tad bit smaller than the cover, but really you can do what ever you want! 

Second. Fold your cover and guts in half. Press down firmly to make a nice seam. Once you have done that, make your pilot holes about 1 inch apart punching through the inner paper and the cover.

Third. Sewing your paper together using a simple over under stitch. Leave a tail at the top so later you can tie a knot to finish it off.

Once you have reached the bottom, sew your way back to the top!

Finish off with tying a knot and trimming the extra thread!

and BAM! You have an awesome honemade Jotter/notebook!

oh... and....

So what are you waiting for! Make your own! :) 

Right click and hit save to snag this pattern for your jotter cover! :) 

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