Sorry for the lack of posting...... We're still waiting for a house....

Life has been crazy lately. My husband finished his initial flight screening, a month long, trying to wash-out those who cannot be pilots program. Don't worry. He passed! Instead of staying at Vance for a month and paying $1000 plus to stay in temporary housing, Abigail and I flew back to Utah to be with family. After his program was done, Trevor (hubby) drove out here for his leave before UPT, Undergraduate Pilot Training, starts. I had hoped we would be in a house by this time but we still have to wait until the 11th. All of our friends from our detachment, who came a few weeks after we did, already are moved into their houses. (OOOOBER JEALOUS!) Oh well. 9 more days! Then the fun starts! This will be our first home. Our first year of marriage we lived in a 500 sq ft, cinder block, asbestos ceiling cave apartment (but really... it was a cave. Only 2 windows in the whole place, no ceiling lights which means a lamp plugged into every outlet.) Then we moved into my parents home that way I would have help with Abby when Trevor was gone to China for a language intensive program for his International Studies degree. We lived there for a year and a half then he commissioned and we ended up at Vance. I posted about the house here when I was stalking it.

I promise there is a house behind those bushes..... I am excited about the house! I have a million ideas of what I want to do. I have to say it will be hard to identify our style its like a rustic modern? eclectic? Oh I dont know. We'll figure it out together. Of course, Pintrest has been my friend!  

Some thoughts about the entryway. 

and the family room.....
Feel free to check out my other boards... I know.. I need to link Pintrest to my blooooggggy. I am just so excited to get my hands covered in paint and sawdust. 
Thanks for being patient! I will post a house tour ASAP!!!! 

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