House tour!!!

YEAHHHH I finially have a house! Here are some pictures with out all our stuff in it. 

Welcome to our home! Here is the Entryway with a view of a pole our Family Room/ Dinning Room.

This is a view from the walled corner in the Family Room. 

A view into the Entry way

View from the corner with the windows.

View from the side door that is actually our back door.

This is our Kitchen island thing. I don't know what to call it... 

 This is a view from the entryway door to the kitchen.

 Here is our fridge and dishwasher. 

A view from under the island cabinets. 

View from our side/back door down the hallway. 

First door on the left is our laundry room.  

 First door on the right is our office.

Closet in the Office

View  into the master bedroom.

Master bedroom closets! YES THERE IS TWO!!! I AM SO EXCITED!

View into little Abby's Room

Closet in Abby's Room. 

Complete with shelves.  

Our one and only bathroom. 

That is the whole inside of the house. Now to organizing and making our house our home.