Honemade Toilet Paper Storage

Before we moved to Vance AFB we were having a problem with a little certain somebody finding the extra roll of tp and destroying it. So I decided to do something to get the toilet paper out of her reach and where a guest wouldn't have to go searching for it if someone happens to leave the roll empty. So a while back my parents got 50 feet of wooden fence paneling off of the classifieds for free. I love the rustic wood from them. So I headed to my dad's garage and whipped up this puppy. 

I made sure to sand the inside well so there are no splinters from the wood on the toilet paper when you pull it out. Which is very important! Like the photo below says, the opening is 15 3/4 by 4 3/4. You will probably need to measure your TP rolls to see what will be the snug fit for yours!

The toilet paper looked so lonely so I headed to the dollar store to go pick up some bath salt.
I poured the bath salt into a vintage jar my mother had but it wasn't quite enough.

So I grabbed some fake flowers she also had and they added just the right touch!

Just place a candle next to your flowers and the toilet paper storage is complete! 

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