Antique Stamped Spoons

Are you ready to stamp some spoons?  
All you need is:
Spoons (mine are just silver plated. Not solid silver. I got them 3 for $1.00 at an antique store.)
Hammer (metal or rubber mallet)
Hard Surface (I just used the ground outside)
Metal Stamps (They are also called  'Letter Punch.' you can buy these online, Hobby Lobby, and even Harbor Freight)
Permanent Marker (fine tip worked for me)
Nail Polish Remover + Paper towel 
and Last of All... Practice. 

Step 1. Flatten your spoon. 
I placed a towel on cement and hammered away. If you are using a metal hammer be careful when hammering the front of the spoon. Just fold a corner of the towel over it to prevent scrapes.

 Step 2. Stamp your spoons
This works out best if you start with the middle letters and work your way out. When you are stamping, Make sure you have a firm grip on the stamp. Push down hard. Don't be timid. If you are, the stamp will move between hammer hits. 
Step 3+4. Color in your letters with permanent marker and wipe excess off with nail polish remover.
My spoons are very aged and the nail polish remover hasn't had an effect on the finish of the silverware.
And PRESTO! You're done!
My 'y' is a little messed up because Abigail was making friends with some ants. But with practice I hope to get better! I'm thinking Christmas presents! 

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