Antique Stamped Spoons Tutorial Coming soon!

So you know how I have been talking about our outdoor living space? Well, I have been thinking about adding a fresh herb garden somewhere in the mix. And of course with any herbs, you need labels! One big trend now is antique stamped spoons which I just adore, but I am not going to pay around 25 bucks for 5 spoons when I can get the gratification out of learning a new skill and doing them myself. For that price you can buy the spoons, a stamping kit (which you can get at Hobby Lobby for  $19.99  before your 40% off coupon! ), permanent marker, nail polish remover, and some herb plants! 

Now I am just starting out learning how to stamp metal, so I figured this would be a great first project to do and learn with! So keep an eye out for the tutorial coming soon!

Quick question though, do you say, "eerrrb" with out the 'h' or "hhhaaeerrbb" with the 'h'?