WE'RE HERE! ---Vance AFB

(If this picture looks a little blurry to you.. its because I did a drive by shooting....)

We traveled safely through Colorado and Kansas from Utah here to Vance AFB in Oklahoma! I am not a huge fan of road trips, but baby girl was good pretty much the whole way here. (I will have to post some pictures of our trip on the way over.) It has been awesome hearing all of the planes zooming through the sky. When you look up, there are at least 3 in view.  

But if you head over to the visitors center there are some air planes that you can see up close! Here are some photos I took the other day when I was waiting for the hubby to bring me my ID so I could get back on base. {Note to Self: Make sure you have your ID before leaving the base!} Of course Little Quail went with me to the visitor center! :) She loves being outside! 

Here is the T-33A "Shooting Star"