Okay. So I'm a flake sometimes.... I'm sorry I didn't finish posting storyboards for the rest of the week. I will do that once we get settled at Vance AFB OK. Oh did I mention.... WE ARE MOVING WITHIN A WEEK! AHHHHHHHHH. My Dear Hubby Commissions on Thursday! Within 48 HOURS! YEAH! (If you can't tell, I'm excited! We've worked hard for this commission!) The past 4 years could not have gone by any faster!  I can't believe that little Quail is already 1 and some change! Isn't it crazy how fast kiddo's really grow up?! Good thing she isn't old enough to say, "Are we there yet?!" a million times during the 17 hour drive. (No we are not driving all of it in one day. I think I would go insane.)

But good news! We are on the list for a house on base! :) This will be our first time living on base, so we'll have to see how it goes!  9th out of 35 isn't too bad! I hope we aren't in temporary housing for too long!

EEEK Wish us luck!